Acer A210 Android 6 Installation Tutorial for Beginner Android Users

If you want to install Acer A210 Android 6, you should understand several things firstly. I would like to show you those things in this limited post. For your information, Android 6 is also called Android Marshmallow. This Android 6.0 refers to the Android operating system that has just been released by Google this year. This new operating system offers many benefits for Android users. For example, they can receive better battery saver and RAM performance. Moreover, I also provide better instructions in order to make enable you in installing the Android 6.0.

Acer A210 Specifications

You need to know that Acer A210 Android 6 was released on November 2012. With upgradable operating system, Acer gave this phone with Android OS 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. However, it is still too old for modern Android phone. There is a big gap between Android 4 and Android 6 obviously. Luckily, this phone has 12.2mm of thickness. The storage uses eight to sixteen GB of microSD. Overall, this phone is pretty good for daily use. But, we still need suitable operating system to make it more functional and good. Let us see how to install this custom ROM below.

Before Installation

You should enter recovery mode when installing Acer A210 Android 6 custom ROM. Not all users are able to set their phone to boot in this mode. Do not worry because I will explain it for you. To enter recovery mode on your Acer A210, you should switch off the phone firstly. Then, hold some buttons like power and volume down for five seconds together. When you are releasing those buttons, your phone will boot in recovery mode. For your information, recovery mode is like developer mode because the users can change, wipe and flash new files through this booting menu.

Installation Tutorial

To start this tutorial, please download this Acer A210 Android 6 on this page firstly. After that, keep it safe on the memory card. Then, please boot in recovery mode. You can navigate the recovery menu with volume up, volume down and power buttons. Choose factory reset firstly. It will remove all official firmware on your phone including your personal data. Afterwards, you can install the zip files of the custom ROM. Select install zip package on the recovery menu and then please locate the file that you have stored on the SD card firstly. Last but not least, the progress will be started. Wait for couple minutes until your phone reboot. Your new custom ROM is ready now.


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