Alcatel One Touch Pop S9 Firmware with Simple Steps and Instructions

Alcatel One Touch Pop S9 firmware is necessary for the users in order to get the latest update from the developer. For your information, firmware is the operating system or OS of a smartphone. The users should update their Android phone for their own sake. In other words, sometimes there are some bugs that must be fixed by the developer on the current Android smartphone. Unfortunately, not all Android phones or models have official firmware update these days. It means that the firmware update is only available on upgradable Android smartphone, which tends to modern and high-end models.

About Alcatel One Touch Pop S9 Firmware

The current Alcatel One Touch Pop S9 firmware is currently powered by Android OS v4.3 Jelly Bean. As we know, the newest Android OS that has been released by Google so far is Android 6.0 Marshmallow. Of course, our lovely tablet is quite outdated now. It means that we have to update the firmware. However, not all Alcatel One Touch Pop S9 users have known how to update the firmware. For your information, it is pretty simple if you know how it works. In this article, you will see the instructions or steps that you can follow easily.          Without further ado, check them all below.

Before You Start

You have to prepare some important things for the sake of your Alcatel One Touch Pop S9 firmware. The most important one is the internet connection. It is suggested to use Wi-Fi connection, which is more stable and fast than the phone data connection. Moreover, the tablet battery is also at least eighty percent. If you have below that level, you must charge the phone firstly. After that, back up the personal data of your device because the firmware may erase all current data during the installation process. We suggest you to use another SD card in storing the current data.

Step by Step

After everything is ready, now you are able to install Alcatel One Touch Pop S9 firmware. Firstly, you should tap on Apps. You can find it on the touchscreen of your tablet. Scroll and find out Settings on the Apps menu. Tap on it once again. You will see some options inside the Settings. Search and scroll About Phone on the menu. There will be System Updates and you should tap on the Check for Updates. The notification about the current operating system of yours will be shown on the screen. You can update it as you wish for the latest firmware.


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