Android 6.0 For Samsung Mega2 SM-G750F Tips and Guide to Flash Custom ROM

Android 6.0 for Samsung Mega2 SM-G750F can be downloaded through this article. If you do not know what Android 6.0 Marshmallow is, it is the newest Android operating system that you can find on some modern Android smartphones these days. However, the Samsung Mega2 SM-G750F is pretty old because it was released on September 2014 ago. In addition, the current operating system is Android OS 4.4.3 KitKat, which is outdate seriously. You should not have much worry about that because we can flash our phone with custom ROM. For your information, custom ROM does not require high specifications so that our Samsung Mega2 SM-G750F is compatible with this method.

Android 6.0 Features

You may not know about the features of Android 6.0 for Samsung Mega2 SM-G750F. In this section, we would like to share some features that are notable and best in this OS. For your information, the new Android 6.0 offers improved performance. It means that your phone will be smoother and faster four times than the previous OS. In addition, the RAM management is also tuned up. It means that the phone will close some apps that are unnecessary in the background. All notifications can be seen by tapping on the top of the display screen. Last but not least, the recovery feature is also better because it will automatically restore your personal data.

Preparations before Installation

As usual, preparation is necessary to make everything successful. This also works for Android 6.0 for Samsung Mega2 SM-G750F. Your battery phone is the most important thing that should be prepared firstly. Based on our experience, you must prepare at least seventy nine percent. Backing up the data is also necessary for securing your personal data because the installation process requires wiping the entire data. That is why we call it flashing custom ROM. Last but not least, you have to enable or turn on the USB Debugging mode. To enable it, you can go to the settings on your phone.

Flashing Your Phone

To flash Android 6.0 for Samsung Mega2 SM-G750F, you should download first the files in this article. Please do not extract the data because they will be corrupted instead. Copy those files and paste them into SD card. Now, it is time to reboot your phone in recovery mode. Hold several keys before you enter in this mode. They are volume up and power buttons together. When you enter in the mode, choose wipe data partition and then install the zip files by choosing the path on the SD card. At last, your phone will have new custom ROM.


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