Android version 5.0 A916 Installation Tutorial for Everyone

Android version 5.0 A916 refers to the Lollipop for Lenovo A916. As we know, Google always comes with many updates through their new operating system for Android. Moreover, they do it yearly. It indicates that Google concerns to give better OS for all android users in the world every year. In addition, every smartphone user looks for the latest update for their phone including Lenovo A916 users. Unfortunately, this phone is not supported by the manufacturer anymore due its model year. For your information, this phone was released in end of 2014 ago. In this article, you will see how to install Android 5.0 for your Lenovo A916.

Things to Know

Before you install Android version 5.0 A916, you need to know a few things firstly. Firstly, you should know about the fact that the new custom ROM or operating system does not boost up or increase the specs of your Lenovo A916. In other words, the specs remain the same. But, the performance may be better than previous or standard operating system. Secondly, it is all about the new custom ROM. It means that you have to erase the current ROM and replace it with the new one. A good way to secure your current data is by doing backup before the installation begins. Make sure you have prepared at least eighty percent for installation process.

About Custom ROM

If you do not know the Android version 5.0 A916 custom ROM, you should try this because it will make your phone keep up-to-date, tough the developer or manufacturer does not support this device anymore. In other words, custom ROM is developed by third parties, which always follow the current trend of Android no matter what. Custom ROM is such a good way to make old smartphone updated. For your information, this kind of ROM is unofficial.

How to Install Custom ROM

After the preparation is ready, it is time to install the custom ROM of Lollipop or Android 5.0. To install new custom ROM, the users usually reboot the smartphone in recovery mode. But, there are two general ways to do it automatically and manually. For automatic method, you can use ROM manager and set up the boot setting. Meanwhile, the manual method requires you to hold some buttons of your device while it is switched off. Once you are on the recovery mode, you should flash the custom ROM that you have downloaded before. Do not forget to recover the data too on Android version 5.0 A916.


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