CM 13 For Vivo V3 Max with Download and Install Easy Instructions

It is kind of impossible to find CM 13 for Vivo V3 Max because the manufacturer does not give much update for the models recently. But, you do not need to worry because we will help you to realize that the CM 13 is available now for your Vivo V3 Max. With some little guide, you are able to see how beautiful your Vivo V3 Max with new custom ROM. This operating system is very good when you feel bored with the current OS of V3 Max. For your information, the manufacturer still believes in the pre-installed operating system that they have provided.

Vivo V3 Max

Vivo V3 Max has been coming since April 2016 ago. This phone was born elegant and catchy especially when you read its specs. Qualcomm MSM8976 Snapdragon 652 with Octa-core CPU is enough to open Marshmallow operating system. Unfortunately, the manufacturer does not offer Cm 13 for Vivo V3 Max officially. It may disappoint the users of this phone. But, you can try this custom MOD if you want to by the way. The decent specs of Vivo V3 Max is compatible to use custom ROM. For your information, the default or pre-installed OS of V3 is still Android OS 5.1 Lollipop.

Entering Recovery Mode

To Install CM 13 for Vivo V3 Max, you should enter recovery mode. In other words, your device must boot in recovery mode. In this section, we want to share how to do it in order to shorten the instructions below. First of all, you should switch off the phone firstly. After that, you push and hold volume up and power buttons at the same time. It requires ten seconds more or less. Your phone will react normally but you will see different menu on the screen. That is how to enter recovery mode for Vivo V3 Max. Let us go how to install custom ROM after this paragraph.


The first step to install CM 13 for Vivo V3 Max is by downloading the zip files on this site. Please remember that you have to understand how to copy the files into your phone SD card because we will recall the path when entering recovery mode. Afterwards, you should back up your data first before turning off the phone. Then, turn it off and follow the instructions of how to boot in recovery mode above. Once you are in the menu, wipe all cache data partition before you flash or install the zip files that you have downloaded. Last but not least, the V3 Max will reboot and your phone will have CM 13 ROM.


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