Custom Recovery LG Leon H324T Easy Installation Guide

Custom recovery LG Leon H324T is quite important especially when you want to install a custom ROM. Of course, it requires much effort and time for us in caring and customizing our device like LG Leon H324T. We need to understand that every element on the custom ROM should be checked and tested by us as the user of Android smartphone. It will give better OS in the end. Installing custom recovery is the key of customizing your device. You will root your phone to get custom recovery by the way. But, it does not mean you cannot take many advantages from the root apps and custom recovery. Here are the steps how to install it on your LG Leon H32T.

What You Need

There are some tools or files that you really need to install custom recovery LG Leon H324T. First off, your device should be in rooted condition. You can search another article about how to root your device. Download and install recovery app for your phone if something wrong happens. Some users also download and install app to their computer or PC. But, this is not necessary because your phone is the most important one. We cannot take your own risk by following this guide. Therefore, it is a must for you to take back up or recovery tools for your personal data.

Installation Guide

You should start this custom recovery LG Leon H324T installation by downloading TWRP Manager on the Google Play or you can download the custom recovery in this page as well. Then, install the TWRP manager to your device. Open and choose the device that suits to your phone model, in this case LG Leon H324T. Afterwards, you can tap on the menu “Install Recovery”. You need to prepare a good internet connection. I suggest you to connect a Wi-Fi connection. The installation process requires internet connection surely. In the end, you should reboot your phone.

What’s Next?

After you have successfully installed custom recovery LG Leon H324T, it is a perfect time for you to install a custom ROM. Of course, this way is safer and getting higher successful rating than installing without TWRP. You can download the Marshmallow custom ROM in zip file in this page as well. Custom ROM is very good if you do not have good specs on your device. Moreover, it will make our phone updated and trendy as same as modern smartphone out there. So, what are you waiting for? Follow this guide until you have custom recovery and ROM.


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