Custom ROM Lenovo A269i and the Proper Way

Although there isn’t much information available for the custom ROM Lenovo A269i, it doesn’t mean that you can’t do the overall update on your own. There are some alternative solutions to try although you have to take the risks. Remember that the unofficial update may cause harm and damage to your device – in terms that you may lose your data. That’s why it is super important to always backup your device before doing any update so you won’t lose anything precious.

Custom ROM Lenovo A269i Method

You can always copy the ROM and GAPPS zip files on the memory card and then turn off the smartphone. Once you have entered the Recovery mode, you will see the option ‘Install zip from SD card’. When you have chosen it, you will see the option ‘Choose zip from SD Card’. When you have chosen it, focus on the ROM zip files and confirm the installation. Once it is done, it is the GAPPS file turn. Once everything is done, just reboot your device. Your custom ROM Lenovo A269i is done. s


Custom ROM Lenovo A269i and the Flash Stock ROM

Here are some steps and ways to do the method safely and carefully:

  • You need to have a USB driver in your PC. If you don’t have one, download and install it.
  • Turn off your smartphone. If the battery is removable, please remove it.
  • Meanwhile, you need to download the custom ROM that you need to flash for the Android in your PC. Extract it in your PC.
  • You also need to download the Flash Tool and extract it in your PC. You should be able to see various files once you have extracted it.
  • Run the Flash_tool.exe
  • When it is already launched, go to Download tab and click it.
  • Inside the tab, you will see the scatter-loading button.
  • Find the Scatter File that should be available in the folder of Stock ROM
  • Press the Download button and the flashing should start immediately
  • You can connect your device to your PC. If you can remove the battery, connect it without the battery. Once it is connected, press Volume up or down key so your PC can detect the phone.
  • When the flashing process completes, you should be able to see a green ring.
  • Turn off the Flash Tool on your PC and then remove the device from it.
  • Your device is now running on the new OS. It’s not so hard with the custom ROM Lenovo A269i, is it?

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