Custom Rom Micromax A200 Things You Should Know

I have a short and simple guide if you want to install custom Rom Micromax A200. As I know so far, many Micromax users do not know how to flash or install custom Rom. This is why I created this guide for you all. Moreover, there are also some important points that you should know before doing your job in the end. I believe that Android users should have basic knowledge and understanding about their phone model and specs seriously so that there will be no question anymore during the process. Moreover, it becomes the key of the installation process.

Tips to Choose Custom Rom

There are plenty number of custom Rom Micromax A200 that you can download out there. That is why I made this section to help you choosing the best one for A200. The first tip is reviewing other users who have already used the ROM. Of course, you can read their review thoroughly at the bottom of the page. This is necessary to know whether the ROM is good or not. Secondly, choose the custom ROM based on its version. Of course, the latest version is the best because it has been developed to reach that newest version so far. In other words, some bugs have been fixed surely.

Benefits of Custom ROM

Not all users know about the benefits of custom Rom Micromax A200. As we know, custom ROM is a customized version of stock firmware. In other words, we will get various features than the stock ROM obviously. It is the first benefit that you should know. Secondly, custom ROM is developed by a community or third party. It means that the custom ROM will be updated frequently unlike the official firmware. Last but not least, those custom ROMs do not require high-end specifications. This is the main reason why many low-end Android smartphones are preferred to use custom Rom.

How to Install

First off, custom Rom Micromax A200 must be installed under rooted device. You must root your A200 firstly. You can read other posts about rooting your Micromax. Then, you should install a Custom Recovery tool. There are many tools of those like CWM or TWRP. This is useful to make capable recovery partition on your A200. After both pre-requisites are ready, it is time to install the custom Rom that you have downloaded. Turn off your phone and then boot in recovery mode. For this device, you can manually press volume up, volume down and power buttons. Navigate to the factory reset. Lastly, you can start installing the ROM.


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