Custom Rom For Micromax Bolt A59 Installing Tutorial Fast and Easy

If you are one of smartphone users who look for custom Rom for Micromax Bolt A59, you should be lucky because this article will tell you how to get and install it on your Bolt A59. As we know, the latest android operating system Marshmallow has already hit some high-end and latest smartphone devices recently. But, the Micromax Bolt A59 does not get any official firmware update yet. It means that we have to be creative in finding the best way to install this Android 6.0 on our phone. I also help you now installing the custom ROM for your phone. If you not know what it is, please read on.

Custom ROM Features

Many of android users do not know the custom Rom for Micromax Bolt A59. For your information, this is the best option to update low-end android phone and get the latest operating system on their device. Custom ROM is customizable operating system that has been developed regularly from the developer or community. Unlike official firmware, custom Rom is unofficial OS. But, it does not mean the features are bad or not installable. Marshmallow custom ROM or CM 13 is one of examples that custom ROM is able to be similar with the official Marshmallow Operating System. So, let us check how to install it to your Micromax Bolt A59.

Things that You Need to Prepare

Before installing custom Rom for Micromax Bolt A59, you should take a backup data from your phone. In other words, you save your data on another phone an SD card during the installation process. It will be disappointed for us when our personal data like photos, videos, contact are gone after installing new custom ROM. You can use some tools like ROM manager, TWRP and many more to back up your data. Secondly, you should charge your phone at least eighty percent. This is very important because you will do some booting and rebooting. It means the power battery must be maintained.

Installing Tutorial

For your first move, please download custom Rom for Micromax Bolt A59 firstly to your computer. You can find it on this page. You can also directly download the files through your Micromax Bolt A59 as well. Then, save the files on the SD card. Please switch off your phone and reboot it in recovery mode. Hold some keys (volume up + power) to boot in recovery mode manually. Then, wipe all data via factory reset. Select install zip package on the menu. Afterwards, let the process begin. Lastly, your phone will have the new custom ROM.


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