Custom ROM N9100 Benefits and How to

The custom ROM N9100 update can be done to improve functionality and performance. With the custom ROM, you can update the phone (or even phone) to the newest Marshmallow OS Android.

Custom ROM N9100: Understanding the Concept

Not everyone is familiar with such update or what is custom ROM principle, anyway. You see, ROM (Read-Only Memory) comes in various versions, including the stock ROMs from manufacturers or the ones from the third party. Often times, the custom ROM can deliver the latest Android version even before your manufacturer has one. This is what meant by new ROM flashing, which means that a new OS can be installed to your Android. And for the custom ROM N9100, it means that you can install a new system for your Galaxy Note Samsung 4 Duos N9100.

Custom ROM N9100 Benefits

Okay, so you are thinking about having the custom update but what are the benefits you can expect from it? After all, the Marshmallow does have several advantages than the current OS, such as:

  • You can enjoy the Android Pay feature which means that you can get a better mobile payment perk
  • It definitely has a better RAM system and management
  • The computer service is smoother, faster, and also more powerful
  • It comes with a fingerprint support
  • It also comes with a battery saver that can extend the performance and the power of the devoice up to 90 minutes
  • Your notification will be managed in one place. When you want to access it, you only need to tap the top side of the screen.


Custom ROM N9100 How to

Managing the installation is pretty easy as long as you know how:

  • Before updating anything, you need to check your version of Android. You can find such information in the section ‘Software Information’ or ‘Android Version’ in your device.


  • Be sure to access the Setting and choose ‘About Phone’ (if you are checking the Tablet, choose ‘About Tablet). In case you find a setting with tabs, you should be able to find it in the tab ‘General’


  • In the event that you may need a WiFi connection, you should prepare Droid over WiFi app which can deal with bigger file.
  • Afterwards, you should be able to see ‘Software Update’ option. If the update is available, you will be asked whether you want to install it or not. Press yes and the installation will happen automatically.
  • Your custom ROM N9100 is done.

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