Custom ROM for Note 3 Neo N750: The Proper Way

Before you are doing any custom ROM for Note 3 Neo N750, it would be better if you can check whether your device is getting the official update or not. Custom ROM or flashing will void your device’s warranty and some gadget owners aren’t happy about it. But if your device turns out getting the official upgrade, you can enjoy the new improvement without having to worry about damaging your device.  After all, checking the update availability isn’t difficult at all.

Custom ROM Official Update

As it was mentioned before, checking the official update is pretty easy. If you don’t get any notification about the official update after you reboot your device, you can always perform a manual check. Simply click on Settings, choose About Phone, and you can see the number version there. If your device is already running on Marshmallow, it should be 6.0.1. But if you see another number, that means that you still need to do the manual update.

From About Phone section, click on System Update and look around. If you can’t find the number for the Marshmallow, bigger chances that you may have to do the custom ROM for Note 3 Neo N750 installation.

Custom ROM Preparation

There are some things that you need to do when you want to make the custom ROM for Note 3 Neo N750 on your own. First of all, make sure that you have backed up all the data – either you use the PC or another smartphone. And keep in mind that such installation can be done directly on your phone or through the PC. If you are going to use the PC, be sure to prepare some things such as drivers, bug app, and such thing alike.


Custom ROM Installation

First of all, you need to copy and paste the required zip files for the installation consisting of the ROM and GAPPS files. Keep these files in your memory card. Reboot your smartphone and enter the Recovery mode. When you are already in the Recovery mode, you should choose the option ‘Install zip files from SD card’.  Once you click on it, you should go with the option ‘Choose zip files from SD card.’ You should go with the ROM zip files first. When the installation completes, follow with the GAPPS files. Once the installation is done and you reboot your phone, your device will get the update. Managing the custom ROM for Note 3 Neo N750 isn’t hard at all, right?


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