Custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy E7 Installation Guide

Custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy E7 allows you to update your device if your device do not receive official update, feels slower and need performance increase. This guide will help you flash your Samsung Galaxy E7 with needed ROM files and fix errors. This Flashing method will need you to use Odin tool so make sure you download it. You have to know that you will lose your device’s warranty if you install custom ROM unlike Stock ROM that will not break your warranty so make sure you understand the risk. Custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy E7 won’t come with Premium Apps so the OS you install will be default without additional app. Security could be the one you need to keep in mind as it may come with malwares, Trojan, spywares, backdoor, or other harmful software.

Custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy E7 Update Process

  1. Before you start the flashing process make sure you create backup for your apps, data, contacts, photos, Music, and any other important information stored in the device memory.
  2. Next, download and install the USB drivers for the device into the computer.
  3. Download Custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy E7 from the page that provides the proper Firmware. You might be provided with list of option of custom Rom for your phone. Choose the one that suit your device and download it. Extract the downloaded Zip file using WinRar or any other extracting tool.
  4. Reboot your device into download mode. It can be done by shut down the device and then push and press the home + volume down + power key at the same time and then a yellow triangle sign on the warning screen will appear.
  5. Download Odin tool, install and start it. Then push and hold Volume up key on the device to enter Download Mode or Odin mode. An added message will appear on Odin. Check your Data Cable if you do not see this. If your device is not detected by Odin, try reinstalling the Samsung USB Drivers or reboot your device and re-enable USB Debugging.
  6. Click the AP Icon on the Odin screen and search the firmware you have downloaded and extracted before.
  7. Tap the Start button to start update installation into your device.
  8. The PASS! notification will appear on Odin and you may disconnect the cable. If you see there are still several installation process on the device screen, wait for it to complete. The device will reboot automatically. It will take longer than usual to start so be patient. Now you have successfully installed Custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy E7.

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