Custom ROM Samsung Galaxy Young 2 SM-G130H and How to Manage Your Device

Is it possible that you can find custom ROM Samsung Galaxy Young 2 SM-G130H? As one of the biggest names in the smartphone industry, it is pretty logical that the official update for Samsung will be available – no matter what variant it is. But unfortunately, Samsung doesn’t seem to provide the Marshmallow update for all of their variants. Only the flagship products will get the update.

Custom ROM Samsung Galaxy Young 2 SM-G130H Checking

It doesn’t hurt to check your current operating system first before you are rushing with the update. Before you break a sweat to deal with the custom ROM Samsung Galaxy Young 2 SM-G130H or whatsoever, it would be better if you are sure about your operating system. Checking your OS is pretty easy. All you have to do is to go to Settings and choose About Phone. You will see the number version. If you see 6.0.1, it means that your device is already running on Marshmallow. If your number begins with 4 or 5, your operating system is not updated to the Marshmallow yet – you are probably still using the Lollipop or Ice Cream Sandwich.

Custom ROM Samsung Galaxy Young 2 SM-G130H Official Release

Now that you are sure that your device hasn’t had the Marshmallow update, you can check for the official update before doing the custom ROM Samsung Galaxy Young 2 SM-G130H. Try rebooting your device first and an official notification should appear on your screen. In case you don’t get the notification, you can always check the update manually. Go to Settings, choose About Phone, and choose System Update. If the official update is available for you, it should be available there. If the download link is available, you can click it and confirm yes for the installation.


Custom ROM Samsung Galaxy Young 2 SM-G130H Launcher

In the event that it turns out that your device doesn’t get the official update at all, you can always use the Marshmallow launcher that will give you the same Marshmallow experience. You can find the APK from the Playstore, download it, and then install it. Once you have installed the launcher, your device will get the same experience and benefits as those getting the official Marshmallow updates. Don’t worry, the APK isn’t big. It is pretty small and the process is simple. You can always manage the custom ROM Samsung Galaxy Young 2 SM-G130H easily – without having to break a sweat.


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