Desire S Android 6 Things to Know About Installation

Good news for HTC android users because Desire S Android 6 Marshmallow is now ready to download. The developer of Android operating system, Google, released the latest operating system Marshmallow that is fascinating to be downloaded and tested. For your information, this new OS offers better improvements rather than the previous OS like KitKat, Lollipop, etc. Battery saver system is now introduced by Google to solve smartphone users’ problem against life of their smartphone. Moreover, this new OS is also able to increase the RAM management, which is important for the current RAM of HTC Desire S surely.

About Marshmallow Custom ROM

One best way to get Desire S Android 6 is by using custom ROM. Unfortunately, not all Android smartphone users have known about custom ROM. There are two major kinds of ROMs in Android. The first one is stock ROM. This ROM is the default or pre-installed ROM on our device. If something wrong happened, we would flash our device with stock ROM getting back to default OS. Secondly, it is custom ROM. It stands for customizable ROMS, which means that we can customize the ROM without any limitation. There are many custom ROM developers that still exist developing their custom ROM these days. They focus to give similar features to the original OS of Google.

About Desire S

It may seem impossible to see Desire S Android 6 because this device is pretty old with low-end specifications. Moreover, this device was released on March 2011. It has pre-installed Android Operating System v2.3 Gingerbread. It is also powered by 1.0 GHz Scorpion and 768 MB of memory RAM. Those specs were the best at the moment. But, they are not the best anymore these days. It does not mean that you cannot install the Android 6.0 Marshmallow in this article because of the custom ROM. Flashing custom ROM does not require the high-end specifications because it is small and not requiring much RAM memory.

How to Install Marshmallow

After you are confident enough to install Desire S Android 6, it is time to follow our instructions. Please download the files of Marshmallow custom ROM here. You also need to transfer those files to your device or you can simply download those files through your device already. Then, you should turn off your phone and enter recovery menu. ROM manager will be easier to set your phone in recovery mode. After you enter the menu, choose install from zip packages option to flash the Marshmallow custom ROM.


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