Download Update Package For Xolo Era 4G Officially for All Era Users

To download update package for Xolo Era 4G is not as hard as you thought before. It is pretty easy if you understand and read this entire article. As we know, Xolo has just released official update for Era 4G. For your information, Era 4G is the successor of the Xolo Era that now has VoLTE technology. This technology increases the internet connection speed drastically than the previous 3G connection. Meanwhile, the update package that was just released recently is Marshmallow OS or Android 6.0. This latest operating system provides many beneficial features that we have to try as android phone users. Let us check out them one by one below.

About Xolo Era 4G

Not all Xolo Era users know about download update package for Xolo Era 4G. The reason is because they think that the Era 4G is the same with its predecessor. The fact is that both phones have different models and specs. The Era 4G is the new version of Xolo ERA. This phone offers better specs as well. As you can see, this new version comes with 1GB of RAM and Android 5.0 Lollipop, which will be upgraded into Android 6.0 marshmallow after this paragraph. Of course, this is such a benefit for Era 4G users because Xolo has officially rolled out the latest operating system. It means that you do not need to use custom ROM anymore.

No Requirements but Some Preparations

Unlike other android OS updates especially which use custom ROM, you do not need to download some requirements or tools to install it. Download the update easily through official and manual ways below. The first thing to do, you should prepare the battery of your phone around eighty percent at least. This is very important because the downloading process is really exhausting for your phone. Then, you should also prepare the internet connection. As we know, the VoLTE technology is the highest internet connection currently. It means that this is the fastest internet technology these days. We have no problem about download update package for Xolo Era 4G now. Afterwards, you need to prepare around 2GB of memory space. This is important to save the package. Last but not least, you should make sure that your phone is non-rooted version because you are going to get official update.

Downloading and Installing

Switch off your phone and then remove the back case plus the battery. It should be more than two minutes. Insert the battery once again and go to the settings. Look for a menu called About Phone. Then, you will see System updates. Tap on it and it will download update package for Xolo Era 4G.


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