Flash And Download Custom Rom Oppo Joy 3 Tutorial

To fix your phone when stuck in bootloop, get new experience to use latest update, and get something new on your phone, you should try flashing your Android phone. To help you to Flash Download Custom Rom Oppo Joy 3 Smartphone, you should keep reading this article. Follow this tutorial carefully to get best result at the end of the process. But damages or brick occurs after you update your phone is completely at your own responsibility.

Preparation To Download Custom Rom Oppo Joy 3

Prior your starting updating the Android firmware, you need to have enough battery power on your OPPO Joy 3. There should be fully charged battery power for the best result. Important files that are stored on you OPPO Joy 3 should be backed up as the process will wipe out your phone’s memory. You also need to Download Custom Rom Oppo Joy 3 device. If you download using a computer, transfer the ROM file into the phone SD Card using Bluetooth or data cable. Make sure you remember the location of the file in your phone. If you download the ROM directly to your Android phone, use stable internet connection or Wi-Fi connection. The default download location on the Android phone is in the Download folder of the internal storage.


Installing And Download Custom Rom Oppo Joy 3

First, power off your phone and then push and hold the power and volume down keys at the same time to enter Recovery Mode. In recovery menu, scroll up and down using volume up and down and choose an option using the power button. Choose your preferred language. To make faster process, choose Erase data and cache, and then choose YES. Now choose either Install from SD card or mobile phone storage depending where you put the copy of the ROM file. Go to the folder for your Firmware file and choose it. In the confirmation popup, you can start installation process by choosing YES. The flashing of the OPPO Joy 3 ROM will start and you will need to wait for the process updating system to complete. Once it is complete, you can now reboot your phone. The rebooting process will take longer as the setting makes change but as soon as it reaches the homescreen, you have successfully flashes your custom ROM on your OPPO Joy 3 Smartphone. That’s all the step by step process of installation and Download Custom Rom Oppo Joy 3.


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