How to Flash Micromax D321 Custom Rom

This article will show you about upgrade or flash Micromax D321 custom ROM. There are several methods that we will show. You can test every method if you want to. The point is all methods show the possible ways to upgrade the Micromax D321. Flashing custom ROM is likely necessary when our device needs to be repaired or restored. This is the best way to get rid some problems like virus, malware or something like that. In other words, we create this guide for your own sake literally. But, we will make this guider easier than you thought before.

Things before Flashing

This Micromax D321 custom ROM will make your device more beautiful than before. Moreover, you can also treat this method to go back to the proper stock ROM as well. If you want to do the flashing with other model, you cannot do it because this method only works for this model. Please do it on your own risk. We are here providing the best methods of flashing your D321. But, you should take the risk by yourself after all. If your phone damaged after the flashing, you can start the method once again. This site also provides some custom ROMs like Lollipop, Kitkat or others.

Tool Requirements

There are several tools that should be downloaded to make this method work perfectly. The first tool is the USB drivers. You won’t have proper Micromax D321 custom ROM if you do not have the drivers. Since we need to connect our phone and device together, it means that we have to use USB cable. The next tool is USB debugging. You have to turn on the debugging through the setting firstly. Last but not least, it is about rooting thing and Flash Tool. It is recommended for you to root the D321 firstly before flashing the custom ROM.

How to Flash

Going back to the main topic, flashing Micromax D321 custom ROM should be started by copying the zip files to the device. As we said earlier, you can use USB cable to do this. Then, put the files somewhere inside the SD card of your Micromax D321. Turn off the phone and enter the recovery mode. You can use volume up and power buttons to enter this mode as well. Then, you can delete all the stock ROM data first before flashing the new custom ROM that is on the SD card. Lastly, your phone will be rebooting for couple times and congratulations now you have the new custom ROM on your Micromax D321.


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