GAPPS For Samsung GT7392 Flashing Tutorial with Simple Method

GAPPS for Samsung GT7392 are important once you realize that your custom ROM does not carry the default Google apps. This is a common issue for those who flash new custom ROM or operating system to their device. For your information, GAPPS stand for Google Apps that usually come as pre-installed apps in an Android operating system. GAPPS consist of Google Play Store, Google Maps, and many more that cannot be provided by the developer of custom ROMs. The popular custom ROM developer like Cyanogen also does not have the core apps of GAPPS by the way. In this article, you should download and install the latest GAPPS for your GT7392.


If you are now searching GAPPS for Samsung GT7392, you are in the correct time and place. I will show the download link and how to install them to your phone. However, you have to make sure that you have already installed the custom ROM firstly before installing the GAPPS that I have provided here. For your information, my GAPPS provide some important Google Apps such as Google Voice Search, Keyboard, Youtube, Gmail, Google Docs, Google Search, Google Play Store and many more. This page is your best solution to complete your current custom ROM with the best GAPPS.

Before Installing

There are several things that you should consider before installing GAPPS for Samsung GT7392. First of all, you should have installed the custom ROM or new Operating system on your phone. Without this, you cannot enter recovery mode. Secondly, backup the data before installing the GAPPS. We, of course, do not want our personal data to be erased accidentally, right? So, please do safety firstly. The third thing to do is that you should know that GAPPS are perfect to be installed after you have completed the custom ROM. Many users have overlooked this last preparation. As a result, they got problem while installation.

Flashing Tutorial

Last but not least, you are ready now to install or flash GAPPS for Samsung GT7392. You can start the first step by downloading the complete files of GAPPS here. I suggest you to use your PC or computer for better result. Secondly, it is time to put the files on the SD card of your phone. Please remember that you should not extract the files because they are intact. Thirdly, it is time to reboot your GT7392 in recovery mode. You can press and hold home, power and volume down of your phone for five seconds. Then, search for installing Zip from the SD Card on the recovery menu. Afterwards, you can choose the zip files.


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