How To Get Celkon Software Updater Free Download

The latest Android version is highly anticipated today by Android smartphone user due to its fresh look and may improve performance of their device. Though the Android Marshmallow update may have arrived on most of the high end devices, but many other older devices may do not receive this update. Those Celkon users could expect to get this update for their device that will increase the performance of their device much better than before. User interface is another improvement from Celkon Software Updater Free Download for this device.

Celkon Software Updater Free Download Installation

It is easy installing new update on your device. You just need to use software and it wil install ROM on your android device. You only need to click Install button and follow the easy instructions. But first make sure you back up all the important data from your phone in case they are wiped out during process. This installation is performed straight from your android device so you do not need to use your computer to update. Software Updater is a tool that helps you find new versions for various applications on the computer. You can order it to check and search the latest updates of software.

Expanded Battery feature

This feature boasts to add an additional 90 minutes of battery lifespan for your device. The latest update release from Celkon Software Updater Free Download includes a Battery Extension option as a solution for low battery timings on previous version. This ROM delivers a huge deal with quite good improvements.

Guest Mode

The new update also offers another very useful upgrade which is the guest mode. Others may access what types of information on your device by control the custom options of this feature. You will get screen pinning options and a messenger app that prevent guests to swipe to any other screen. You will get much more secure device than before with the guest user mode and the pinning options.

Redesigned Quick Settings Menu And Sleek User Interface

There will be much more smooth animations on the cleaner and flowing user interface once you update your device. There will be less crowded look on your device. Flashlight and radiate screen controls are some of new options that will be upgraded along with Quick Settings menu.

Lock screen notifications

The notification lock screen will be added to the Celkon Software Updater Free Download along with other great features for your Celkon phone. There is no need to unlock your phone screen to access your notifications unlike the previous version that lock screen won’t let you see notifications.


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