HTC Desire Eye Marshmallow Download Alternatives

Is it super difficult to manage the HTC Desire Eye Marshmallow download and installation? Not at all! In fact, if you know several alternatives to the download and installation, you can manage it on your own without having to consult any professional service or assistance. Of course, you can manage it alone provided that you understand what you are doing and you follow the instructions carefully. Only by doing so, you can tweak your device without having to worry about anything – including damaging your phone.

HTC Desire Eye Marshmallow Download and Custom ROM

If you want to perform the custom ROM for the HTC Desire Eye Marshmallow download and installation, here are the steps that you should follow:

  • Download and copy the required zip files of the ROM files and also the GAPPS (Google Apps) files. Remember that you should find ROM part 1 and part 2 inside the zip ROM files. Keep them in your SD card but don’t save them in any folder – just save them in the root area of the SD card.
  • Turn off your device. Reboot it and enter the Recovery mode.
  • From the Recovery main menu, choose ‘Install zip files from the SD card’.
  • Once you do it, choose again ‘Choose zip files from the SD card.’
  • Focus with the zip ROM files first. Confirm the installation by pressing yes.
  • When the installation is over, repeat the process for the GAPPS files.
  • Once the installation completes, reboot your device again.
  • You should wait until you see the startup screen. If it takes a while, don’t worry. Such process DOES take a while, around 5 minutes to 20 minutes.


HTC Desire Eye Marshmallow Download Launcher

With the Launcher, you will have another alternative of download and installation. With the launcher, you don’t have to root or tweak the system. You only need to find Marshmallow launcher from the Playstore and download it. Once you have downloaded it, you can install it. Once you have done the HTC Desire Eye Marshmallow download launcher, your device will get the same experience as the Marshmallow.

The real question is finding the reliable and trusted sources. With so many different websites and sources, it is easy to fall into shady links and websites. Just consult the trusted names from trusted developers – they usually have different files for different devices. Just be super careful and don’t take things for granted. It is a guarantee that you can manage the HTC Desire Eye Marshmallow download and installation easily.


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