Huawei G700 U10 Custom Rom Easy Tutorial for Beginner Users

Huawei G700 U10 custom Rom has been available since a couple months ago. It means that you can be happy because it will be such a great way to refresh our G700 U10 into proper and beautiful appearance. In other words, we can enjoy the new custom ROM and replace the old ROM, which may be boring to our eyes. For your information, this new custom ROM is the most stable version that we can use daily. Luckily, I would like to show you how to download and install this custom ROM with ease to your Ascend G700. One of important things is about the base OS of this ROM, which suits for Android Kitkat OS.

Optimizations that You Found on this Custom ROM

Here are some optimizations or features of new Huawei G700 U10 custom ROM that you can test. As you can see, our G700 will have new design. It includes new calculator, shortcut menu, font, etc. The users are also able to use speech-to-text output on this new custom ROM. If you love editing your video, this ROM offers some special effects for you. There are many things that you can take a look from the new design such as new scanner, new gallery theme, wallpaper, editing text and many more. One of the remarkable one is the all-new battery saver that can reduce the battery consumption of the operating system.

Before You Install

There are some things to do before you can install Huawei G700 U10 custom ROM. If you do not do those tips, the installation process may be corrupted or not going well. Okay, let us go to the first thing. You need to charge your phone at least 70 percent. This is necessary to make sure the battery can cover the installation process properly. The next thing is about your current or original ROM. Do some backup things of them because the original ROM will be deleted when you install this new custom ROM. To make safer installation, you should install Custom Recovery.

Installing Tutorial

Now, we are going to install the Huawei G700 U10 custom ROM. At the first step, you have to set your phone to boot into Recovery mode. To do this, you should turn off your phone off first. Then, press volume down plus power button together. Afterwards, you will see the Recovery menu. It is suggested to erase all data on the wipe button before you install the custom ROM. Then, install the custom ROM by clicking flash custom ROM menu. You should navigate the location of the zip file on the internal memory.


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