How to Install Android 6 LG L5 in Simple and Fast Guide

In this article, we will share about installing Android 6 LG L5 without the support or help from official firmware. Perhaps, most of you are thinking now about the best way to install the latest operating system for your LG L5. Yep, it is by using custom ROM. Recently, many custom ROM developers are competing in developing their custom ROMs based on Android OS Marshmallow. They need to make it similar in order to be number one in the Android community surely. This time, we have one of the Marshmallow custom ROMs that is developed by our team.

What Android 6 Is?

We call it Android 6 LG L5 because this phone will be installed with the latest Marshmallow operating system. Although it is not official, the experiences that you will get are very similar and even the same with the original Marshmallow. Android OS Marshmallow has a full name called Android 6.0.0 or simply Android 6. This Android OS is the successor of the previous Android OS 5.0 Lollipop. That is why it is called Android six. Some remarkable features can be obtained through this new version of Android OS. You can save the battery more than ninety minutes. Thanks to the better RAM management that can get rid unnecessary app in the background.

Keep in Mind

Before you start installing Android 6 LG L5, you should know some important tips that will make your installation process better and successful. First off, your backup data will be your savior when everything goes wrong. Please always recover your data before installing or flashing new custom ROM. Secondly, the battery power should be sixty percent at least. Of course, you can check the battery level easily on the phone. Thirdly, you should prepare USB cable to copy and paste the data from the computer to your phone. Do not forget to enable the USB debugging as well. Last but not least, you have to download the custom ROM files in this page.


Before you start, ensure yourself that you have read the tips above. Then, copy the downloaded files to your phone by using USB cable. Make sure you have placed the files on the SD card, not internal memory. If you placed it on internal memory, the files could not be found because we will erase or wipe all data before installing. Switch off your phone. Then, hold power button and volume down at the same time. Your phone will be booting in recovery mode. At the same time, navigate to wipe all data partition. It will remove all data of yours. This is mostly the same with factory reset. Last but not least, you should select “install zip package” on the menu to install Android 6 LG L5.


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