How To Install Marshmallow On Nokia XL with the Requirements that You Should Know

How to install Marshmallow on Nokia XL is kind of impossible if you do not know. I have summarized the easiest method to do it in this special article. For your information, Nokia XL is one of the Nokia X series smartphone that was released couple years ago. Unfortunately, this phone manufacturer does not support this series anymore for some reasons. As a result, we as the Android users should think smartly in updating our Nokia XL in to the newest Android operating system Marshmallow. The only way is by installing custom ROM. So, download my custom ROM in this site and you can enjoy the Android 6.0 Marshmallow easily here.

About The Nokia XL Specs

The specs of Nokia XL should be understood because it is how to install Marshmallow on Nokia XL. Without knowing the specs of your phone, it is difficult for you to install the custom ROM. For your information, this phone is featured by 1GHZ Dual Core Processor. Of course, it is quite high than other smartphone with the same model year. In addition, this phone also has 768 MB of memory RAM. Moreover, the internal storage is pretty large at 4GB. Meanwhile, the battery is around 2000 MAH. With this specs, I believe that we can install this custom ROM. Keep in your mind that this is not official ROM, which means that it may break the warranty of your phone. So, take it at your own risk.


There are several requirements that you should understand before following this method how to install Marshmallow on Nokia XL. First off, you should know that this custom ROM only works for Nokia X Series, which are Nokia X and XL mobile device. Please do not install it on other device. Second requirement is the TWRP recovery in order to recover or backup your current data on the phone. You also need Nokia PC suite plus its drivers so that you can connect your device with the computer easily. Last but not least, do not let your battery lower than eighty percent.

How to Download and Install

First off, how to install Marshmallow on Nokia XL should be done by downloading it first. Secondly, you need to copy and paste the data on your device via USB data. Then, it is time to switch off your Nokia XL. At the same time, push and hold volume up plus power simultaneously. Your phone will boot in Recovery mode. Then, you should backup the data and delete all ROM. Choose the downloaded zip file and navigate to the SD card. Install the patch files and your Nokia XL will have new Marshmallow operating system.


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