How to Install Marshmallow Rom For Core2 SM355H

It is very possible for Android users now to install Marshmallow Rom for Core2 SM355H. Thanks to our team because we have been developing this ROM until now. You need to know that Samsung as the developer of this device has no future plans about updating this device anymore these days. It is our obligation to keep the Galaxy Core 2 up-to-date just like other devices out there. Marshmallow or Android 6.0 is the latest operating system that has been released by Google for all Android users. This operating system is pretty beneficial because it offers better RAM management and battery.

What is Core 2 Specification?

The Marshmallow ROM for Core2 SM355H is ready to be downloaded. But, the specification of the Core2 is slightly outdated because the CPU of this device is Quad-Core 1.2 GHz with 768 MB of memory RAM. Of course, this spec is enough to carry the Marshmallow ROM easily. However, Samsung only gave this device with Android OS v4.4 KitKat. It is lower than Lollipop, which is also called Android 5.0. This is also far away from the Marshmallow, which is Android 6.0. That is the Core 2 specification that you should know. The device is good enough to be installed with custom ROM by the way.


Without further ado, let us check out how to install Marshmallow Rom for Core2 SM355H. There are some apps or tools that you should downloaded first such as the Marshmallow Rom and its fix. CMW recovery is also important to make you easier boot in recovery mode. Then, plug in the USB cable and copy those files to your device. For your information, Samsung Kies may help you to detect your phone. We suggest you to paste the files on the SD card for proper storage. Secondly, set the booting in recovery mode. Then, switch off the device when everything is ready. Go to the recovery mode. For manual method, you just need to push and hold the volume up, home and power buttons simultaneously. Your Galaxy Ace Core 2 will be booting on recovery mode after you held those buttons for couple seconds.

After Booting Recovery Mode

The steps of installing Marshmallow Rom for Core2 SM355H are not done yet. You should wipe out or erase all current ROM on your device. You can easily find the erase option on this mode. When the wipe out is finished, you can install the new ROM on the same recovery mode. Wait for couple booting and your Marshmallow OS will appear.


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