Installing LG G3 D858 Marshmallow Manual and Automatic Tutorial

You may want to update your LG G3 D858 Marshmallow, but you do not know how to download and install it. I would like to lead you about installing the latest operating system of Android, Marshmallow. There are many features that you can get from this OS surely. For example, Google offers better RAM performance with this OS. As we know, our LG G3 D858 is still carrying outdated OS. Hence, we need to update it to Android 6.0 Marshmallow immediately. Do not worry about the installation because I will show you how to do it simply and quickly. Please prepare these pre requisites first before you install it.

Pre Requisites for Marshmallow

Battery power becomes the most important thing before installing LG G3 D858 Marshmallow. Without battery, you cannot install or turn on your phone during installation. Moreover, it also will disturb the process significantly. I suggest you to prepare the battery power at least sixty percent to do this installation. In addition, your phone must be rooted too. In other words, you will break the guarantee of your LG G3 D858. Of course, take it on your own risk. If you think that rooting will cost yourself, please do not install custom ROM. Last but not least, you should create backup of personal data in your phone.

Installing Marshmallow Manually

First of all, I share the manual instructions of installing LG G3 D858 Marshmallow. For your information, this method requires much attention because you will install it manually. Okay, please download the zip files here firstly. They are the most important files in installing Marshmallow custom ROM. Then, you should download and install LG Flashtool on your computer. Turn off your LG G3 and then connect it to the computer. Please press and hold Volume Up during the process. Then, the firmware update may appear on the monitor of your phone. Choose the file on the LG Flashtool. Then, select Normal Flash. Last but not least, start the installation and wait until it has done.

Installing Marshmallow Automatically

The last method of installing LG G3 D858 Marshmallow is simple because you will do it automatically. Make sure the internet connection is ready. Go to the settings of your phone. Look for About Phone menu. You will see update software inside. Start the update and the download will be starting. Wait for the process. I have to say that the downloading process will take long time because it uses your internet connection. Manual method is preferred if you need faster method.


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