Installing Marshmallow GT S5830 without Problems

Marshmallow GT S5830 is one of the hottest topics nowadays. People love seeing something new on their phone including the operating system. For your information, GT S5830 or Galaxy Ace is not a new smartphone anymore these days. It means that Samsung does not support the new update anymore for this device. But, please do not worry about that because we can still test the newest Android Operating System Marshmallow through a custom ROM that I want to share today for you guys. Custom ROM is a customizable ROM that is developed by a team or third party, which does not relate or collaborate with Samsung.

About GT S5830

The Galaxy Ace GT S5830 was released in 2011. It is impossible to see this device with Marshmallow GT S5830 because the default OS is Android 2.3 Gingerbread. For your information, this device is powered by 800 MHz ARM 11 and 278 MB of RAM. This specification is not compatible for the Marshmallow obviously. But, my custom ROM is able to get rid our wondering because this ROM is very similar to the Marshmallow operating system. It includes some features of Marshmallow too. Do not worry about the Galaxy Ace specs because this ROM will run smoothly.

Tips Before Installing

If you want to install Marshmallow GT S5830 without problems, you have to try these tips before installing. I believe that you may face some problems if you do not follow these tips. First thing to do is about charging your phone at least 80%. This is necessary because flashing new custom ROM requires much battery power of our phone. Secondly, the USB cable should be prepared too to connect between the Galaxy Ace and the computer. If necessary you can install Samsung Kies to your computer. Last but not least, install some recovery apps to help you doing some backups of your personal data.


Now, it is time to install Marshmallow GT S5830. I really recommend you to follow my tips above in order to make the process successful. To start the installation, you should download the custom ROM files firstly. Secondly, copy the files to your Galaxy Ace through the USB cable connection. Make sure you have understood the location of the files because it will be important during the process. Thirdly, turn of your Galaxy Ace. Then, push and press volume up, home and power button together. You will come into recovery mode. After that, you are able to wipe out all data and flash new Marshmallow custom ROM.


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