Intex Marshmallow Update zip How to Install

There is no complicated problem with Intex Marshmallow update zip management when you want to upgrade your device to the newest operating system. With the new update, your device will have a fresher operating functionality and usage. You can definitely enjoy the easiness and more powerful boost.

Intex Marshmallow Update zip: About the Device

Even without the Intex Marshmallow update zip to Marshmallow, the Intex Aqua is a pretty decent smartphone with budget friendly features. Mind you that the keyword is ‘decent’ so you shouldn’t expect an extra grandeur performance. The release of Intex Aqua with the 5 inch display is pretty enough for those who want to have a smartphone experience but with limited budgets.

Intex Marshmallow Update zip Upgraded Features

It is pretty cool that there is an update for the Intex so it can get a direct access to the Marshmallow. When the device is upgraded to the Marshmallow, you can expect an improved performance, such as faster operation, more responsive system, clearer image, extended batteries, and so much more. Besides faster and more responsive, the update will improve the graphic and also a better security.

Intex Marshmallow Update zip Considerations

Don’t forget that you should always backup your important data before managing the Intex Marshmallow update zip method. Your battery should also be at least 80% before the update and USB debugging feature is active. Pay attention to these things before you start.


Intex Marshmallow Update zip How to

  • Upgrading your device with the custom ROM system isn’t only easy but it is also doable and manageable. You only need to download the ROM file for the new operating system that is suitable with your phone.
  • Install the special ROM Manager in our phone. Don’t forget to include the clockwork mod recovery as well.
  • Connect the PC and our phone with the USB cable. Copy the ROM zip file in your SD Card
  • Turn off your phone and restart it in the Recovery mode. This is when the ROM Manager is handy
    Erase the data. Erase the Delvik Cache too. After you are done, go back to the recovery main menu. Choose the option for Flash ROM from your card. Go to the folder where you have put your ROM zip file.
    You should be able to see the directions to install the new Android Marshmallow 6.0. Update it.

When it is done, reboot your phone.
That’s it! You have managed your own Intex Marshmallow update zip method to upgrade your device.


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