Lenovo A269i Cyanogenmod Best Tutorial for Beginner

It is such a good day for us because the Lenovo A269i Cyanogenmod is ready over the air. It means that you can update your LenovoA269i with the new operating system that you can test it by yourself. It is kind of boring when we still use the old or default operating system for our phone. That is why we need something new to do. By changing the operating system especially with Cynanogenmod, you do not have to worry about the specs of our Lenovo A269i. This custom MOD always works for old android smartphone or device. Before installing, you need to understand some important things firstly that we will explain below of this paragraph.

About Cyanogenmod

Lenovo A269i Cyanogenmod refers to the latest custom ROM that is very popular among android users these days. Cyanogenmod always offers the latest features that are also offered by the official manufacturer of Android OS, Google. The special part is about the specs of the custom ROM, which is compatible with many android models and brands. This is the main reason why we really need this custom ROM, just in case our A269i is quite old because it only has Android v2.3 Gingerbread. So, let us check how to install this custom ROM on our phone.

Before Installing

Before we install Lenovo A269i Cyanogenmod, it is important for us to back-up the personal data that we have on our device. You can copy the files on another SD card or something like that. The next preparation that you should do is charging the phone battery. Based on our experience, the battery should at least have 80% of charging power because the process of installation is exhausting. Thirdly, it is about the USB Debugging that should be checked before installation. Last but not least, you may wipe all cache and data when the loop-booting happens. In other words, your data will be lost.


The instructions start with the downloaded files. You should download the Cynanogenmod download from this site firstly. After that, you must include those files into a single folder.  You have to do this to avoid the data corrupted during the process. Then, you are ready to install the Lenovo A269i Cynanogenmod by booting the phone through the recovery mode. We suggest you to use ROM manager to make it easier than booting in recovery mode manually. From this mode, you next wipe all data partition and flash the zip files that you have downloaded before. Wait for some minutes for the installation after all.


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