Lenovo A536 Marshmallow ROM and the Method

There is nothing difficult or fussy about the management of Lenovo A536 Marshmallow ROM system that you can do to improve your device and the overall performance of your smartphone. Lenovo itself has been a great device with serious features and specs. With the update of Marshmallow, it is expected that not only it will have an improved performance, everything will be easier and simpler too. It is pretty safe to say that the overall ROM custom method can be done by yourself as long as you know how to do things properly.

Lenovo A536 Marshmallow ROM: What to Expect

Be prepared to deal with the Lenovo A536 Marshmallow ROM instead of the official update launch because it is highly possible that the official update won’t be available for your device. Even without the official update, your gadget can still function well with the custom method.

Lenovo A536 Marshmallow ROM Custom Tweak

If you want to do some custom ROM tweak for this device, there are some easy steps and methods to do. Just be sure that you follow the steps and directions correctly when you manage your own Lenovo A536 Marshmallow ROM custom method:

  • You should find zip files. Copy these files on your memory card: zip ROM files and zip GAPPS files.
  • Once they are saved inside the memory card, turn off your device and reboot it.
  • Enter the Recovery mode
  • There should be an option ‘Install zip files from SD Card’. Go with that one.
  • There will be an option ‘Choose zip files from SD Card.’ When you choose this one, you need to find the previously saved zip files. Focus on the ROM files first.
  • You will be asked about the installation. Simply press yes to confirm it.
  • Wait until the installation completes. When it does, repeat the steps 5 and 6; this one for the GAPPS files
  • Once you are done, you need to reboot your phone. Wait until you see the startup screen. It may take a while – around 5 to 20 minutes.
  • If you have seen the screen, congrats; you have done the custom tweak successfully and your phone has just been improved.


Lenovo A536 Marshmallow ROM Cautions

Mind you that you may have heard or read about the steps above on other devices but such systems and methods are pretty common in the custom ROM setting. The process itself is pretty standard and doable for all kinds of smartphones and gadgets.  Just remember that you may need to prepare some things first before you can proceed with the Lenovo A536 Marshmallow ROM method.


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