Lenovo A560 Custom ROM Update Guide

You can perform Lenovo A560 Custom ROM update though your device does not receive the new Android 6.0.1 update over the air. The Android 6.0.1 Marshmallow using custom ROM allows you to update your device without having the stock ROM. ROM (Read-Only Memory) have many versions either custom ROM from third party or stock ROMs from manufacturers just like Windows OS does. Your manufacturer provides the latest version of Android with this new custom ROM and you will be able to install a new operating system to your Android by flashing a new ROM.

Lenovo A560 Custom ROM Installation

The ADB tools should have been installed on your computer if you want to update your device using your computer. Download the Android SDK and the ADB tools from developer page of Google. Make sure your set up the ADB correctly. Before you can essentially update Lenovo A560 Custom ROM, your smartphone or tablet device need to have the Bug Fix Update installed if you see more than one download option. Proceed to the next step to install update.

Check the version of Android you are running before starting to update your device with Lenovo A560 Custom ROM. If you check your device, it might tell you are already on the latest version. You can check it by follow this guide. You can go to Setting > About Phone or About Tablet on your device and tap Android version or Software information. You can see this in the general section if you have a tabbed settings menu on your device. To understand which version of Android your device is running, visit the Android developer page. If your Android version is 4.0.4, it means it runs on Ice Cream Sandwich. This is an old version of Android that was launched in 2013.

You can search for an update by connecting to a Wi-Fi connection using your device. The file size of the update ROM is large so you are recommended to download the software Droid Over Wi-Fi to help you download large file. Go to the Setting on your device and tap the Software Update option. Then wait for it to search for available update for your device. When the update is available, you will be prompted to install update. You can install the new operating system in your device by tapping Yes. You can install update later and choose to install the Lenovo A560 Custom ROM on your own.


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