Lenovo S650 Marshmallow ROM: How To Install Update

Lenovo S650 Marshmallow ROM update is available now for those who want to experience the latest Android version on older device. Download and update it yourself by following this easy guide. But make sure you know some aspects before trying out the custom ROM. Create proper backup for your important data on the device as the update process will wipe out all data. Also please to fully charge your battery power to ensure smooth installation. You also need to enable USB Debugging on the device. if the device experience bootlooping during the installation, before rebooting the phone please perform wipe cache partition and erase wipe dalvik.

The Lenovo S650 Marshmallow ROM Custom ROM Firmware Updates, Custom Modes, ROM, file and Rooting process are all owned by their developers and it not official ROM from the phone manufacturer. It is possible there are bugs on the ROM so there might be errors during the process that may damage and brick your device. Follow the guide carefully and do it on your own risk.

Lenovo S650 Marshmallow ROM Installation Steps

Before starting installation process, please download Lenovo S650 Marshmallow ROM update using your PC. It is possible that the ROM might have corrupted during the download process and cause error. So, please repeat the download of the ROM process. Now download and install the ROM Manager from Google Play Store into your device. You also need to install the clockwork mod recovery. As alternative, you can also try the ROM Installer app developed by the JRummy also available on Google Play Store.


Use the USB data cable to connect your device to your computer and then transfer the ROM.zip file you have downloaded earlier to the device’s SD card. Run the ROM Manager and choose Reboot your device in the recovery mode from the menu. In the Recovery Mode, start ROM Manager and choose backup/restore to save your important data. Also choose Complete Data/ Delvik Cache Wipe. Once done, select Flash ROM from SD Card from the Recovery Main Menu. Browse the location where you have transferred the ROM.zip file before and then press Install to confirm Android Marshmallow update on your Lenovo S650. Wait for the installation to complete that take a few minute. Once done, choose reboot your device from the menu. It takes about 15 minutes for the device to boot up for the first time so be patient. Once it starts the opening screen you have successfully installed the Lenovo S650 Marshmallow ROM.


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