Lenovo S856 Custom Rom Flash Guide

Here are step-by step guide if you wish to update your device with Lenovo S856 Custom Rom. Before your start the process make sure that you back up your data to the cloud or your computer so if there is problem with the update you can always restore the data. USB debugging is also need to enable for installing custom ROM. To avoid the battery to run out during the update process, you may want to charge the device to full.

Lenovo S856 Custom Rom Marshmallow Update Installation

Go to the download page and download the ROM. The file consists of some parts so make sure you download them all. They were divided into three split files as the Lenovo S856 Custom Rom File size is very large. To make things easier, copy them into one folder. You need to install a program to extract zip files such as 7zip or WinRar. You can find these kinds of programs that are free to use. Once you have the program in your computer now open the zip file with number 1 name and the rest will automatically extract.


You also need the ROM manager installed into your device that can be downloaded from the Google Play Store. Or, there are other applications you can use such as Jrummy that can also be downloaded from Google Play stores. Finish with the ROM Manager, make sure you Clockwork Mod Recovery is downloaded and installed into your device. Now prepare a USB data cable to connect your device to your computer. Once your computer recognizes the device, transfer the Lenovo S856 Custom Rom files into the memory card of your device.

Start the ROM manager and choose to reboot the device in recovery mode. In the recovery mode, start the ROM manager and start to backup your data including media and photos. And then open the recovery menu and choose Total Data Wipe Out. You need to understand that backup is necessary as the data that has been wiped out cannot be recovered. When the erase is complete, open the recovery main menu and tap Flash ROM from SD Card. This will take you to browse your SD card to choose the ROM files you have transferred before that is needed for update. From this point, you are given instructions for installing Android Marshmallow on the screen so you just need to follow it. Wait for the installation to complete and your device will restart automatically. The first boot will take longer than usual so you need to be patient. Now you are successful installing Lenovo S856 Custom Rom on your device.


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