Lenovo Tab A3300 HV Marshmallow Version Download and How to Install It

At last, I found the best Lenovo Tab A3300 HV Marshmallow version download and how to install it without any difficulties. Marshmallow is the best Android operating system so far because many android users have been waiting for Android 6.0 over-the-air update. Their waiting is worth it because Google as the developer of android operating system has released many features that offer many benefits for the android users. For your information, I have searched for this perfect custom ROM since the alpha version, which was very lags and full of bugs. Luckily, the developer of this custom ROM always updates until the best version.

Marshmallow Features

Of course, you should know the features of this ROM after clicking on Lenovo Tab A3300 HV Marshmallow version download. Perhaps, you have heard some of them before. But, I cannot stop myself showing the best features of this custom ROM. First of all, you may have a problem with your current RAM. By using this ROM, the RAM management will be increased and better than before. The result is that you can have smoother and faster android smartphone now. Secondly, you may need longer battery power. Google claims that Marshmallow OS provides battery saver up to ninety minutes. Both features are only a few notable things that you can receive. There are many increased features now than Android Lollipop.

How to Backup and Root

Your Lenovo Tab A3300 HV Marshmallow version download won’t be successful if you do not have backup of your personal data. This also happens if you have not rooted your phone yet. To do backup, you can install Flashify and TWRP. Google Play Store is where you can find both tools. Please make sure that you should flash the TWRP Custom Recovery first. You can open the Flashify and choose recovery.img that you can look in flash tab. You also need to put the .img file on SD card of the tablet. If necessary, GAPPS are also useful to be downloaded because this ROM sometimes does not provide Google APPS.

How to Install

Now, it is time to install Lenovo TAB A3300 HV Marshmallow version download. Of course, you need to boot your tablet in recovery mode. Alternatively, you can turn off your phone and hold power and volume up buttons together. The TWRP display will appear soon. Wipe all data or select factory reset before you install the Marshmallow custom ROM. You can follow the standard process if you need to install GAPPS.


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