LG G3 Stylus Rom Tutorial for Flashing Stock ROM

Flashing LG G3 Stylus Rom is difficult for new users surely. This is the main reason why I create this article for you all today. There are some procedures and prerequisites to install or flash new custom ROM from this device. As we know, there are many new custom ROMs, which will attract our eyes easily. Meanwhile, our LG G3 Stylus is not one of modern smartphone anymore. It can be proven by the default operating system of this device that is still on Android OS 4.4.2 Kitkat while Google has android 6.0 right now in the air. So, let us check some important things first before going to the tutorial below.

Why Custom ROM?

There are many questions about the importance of using LG G3 Stylus Rom on my inbox. Luckily, I want to show you one by one in this section. The first benefit is about the look or appearance of the operating system. Of course, we may feel bored with the default theme or appearance of our dvice while it is impossible for us to get the latest update from the manufacturer. Using custom ROM will fix this problem. Secondly, we may follow the latest or current trend of smartphone without wondering about the specs or age of our phone.

Prerequisites for Installation

To install LG G3 Stylus Rom, you have to prepare some tools. First off, you have to prepare PC or laptop firstly. Then, use USB cable for connecting your phone and laptop. Secondly, the LG Phone drivers are also necessary plus G3 Stylus firmware and Flash Tool 2016. After all tools are ready, it is time to go to the procedure below.

How to Flash

I treat you have downloaded all tools above. Then, you can switch off your phone to install LG G3 stylus ROM. After that, you can connect the USB cable and your phone. At the same time, you must push and hold volume up button. It may take 3 seconds for booting in Download mode screen. On your computer, open the flash tool and type box should be on CDMA mode. Please remember to set the phonemode into DIAG menu. It is time to choose the Flash mode. There are two flash modes that you can pick. The first one is normal Flash that will install new firmware and your data won’t be removed. Secondly, it is CSE flash that reset the phone with erasing all personal data. In this case, you can pick whatever you want and start the flashing.


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