LG L90 D410 Marshmallow Update CM13 Installation

Safely flash your device with Android CM13 LG L90 D410 Marshmallow Update by following this full and easy step by step simple guide so you can now enjoy Android marshmallow on your LG Optimus L90 device. You just need to download this unofficial CyanogenMod 13 for LG L90 and install it on your device. This is based on Android 6.0 code that is under AOSP released by Google. If you want to Install Android 6.0 Marshmallow on LG L90 CM13, the just follow the step by step installation guide.

LG L90 D410 Marshmallow Update Preparation

Before you start trying this installation, your device should have at least 80% battery charged. This is unofficial LG L90 D410 Marshmallow Update and there are some bugs that may cause error so this update may void your warranty and any kind of damage occurred to your LG Optimus L90 is at your own risk. It is best you make backup of all your personal data and the device’s stock ROM so you can restore the settings back when error occurs during process. You also need to install the latest version of a custom recovery such as TWRP on your device and USB drivers for your device on your PC.


LG L90 D410 Marshmallow Update Installation

You can install Android 6.0 Marshmallow CM13 ROM on LG L90 once you have downloaded the LG L90 D410 Marshmallow Update custom ROM and Gapps file. Now connect your device to computer and copy the ROM to your device’s SD card and then disconnect your device. Shut down your device and enter recovery mode. You may download and install Quick Boot app from Google play store if your device is rooted.

Start the TWRP recovery you have downloaded before and choose Wipe from the main menu and then choose Swipe to Factory Reset on the menu. Now return to TWRP main menu, choose Install option and choose the CM13 .zip file that you have download and copied from your computer before. Once you have chosen the .zip file, perform the Swipe to Confirm Flash to start the custom ROM update process. Wait a few minute for the process to complete. After you have successfully flashed the ROM, choose Wipe cache/dalvik option and then perform Swipe To Wipe action.

Now you need to install Gapps file to allow you to install Google app such as Gmail and Google play store on your device. The process to install Gapps using TWRP Recovery is similar to installing the CM13 ROM but you have to choose the Gapps file instead. Once you successfully install LG L90 D410 Marshmallow Update and Gapps file, choose to reboot your device option from the menu and now you can enjoy the new ROM.


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