Lollipop Zip To Titanium S1 Plus Tutorial for Flashing New Custom ROM

If you look for Lollipop zip to Titanium S1 Plus, you are in the correct place and time now. I have found the best custom Rom that is created based on the Android operating system 5.0 Lollipop here in this article. There are plenty custom ROMs for Karbonn Titanium S1 Plus actually. However, not all of them can satisfy you as the users of this phone. This custom ROM is called CyanogenMod 12. The performance of this custom ROMs is increased very well. The user interface is also more beautiful for our eyes. Without further ado, let us see the instructions below.

Pre Requisites before Installing

You should follow these pre requisites before installing Lollipop zip to Titanium S1 Plus. Perhaps, you have already known about them. But, it is a must for me to explain them once again. Your Titanium S1 Plus should be rooted firstly and it will break the seal obviously. Thus, I have to say that you have to take your own risk when installing Lollipop custom ROM to your Titanium S1 Plus. Secondly, back up your current data. This is an important thing to do because the installation process will wipe all of your data. Make sure you have some recovery tools first. Last but not least, the battery should be 80 percent at least.

How to Boot in Recovery Mode

Before you install Lollipop zip to Titanium S1 Plus, you have to know about booting the phone in recovery mode. Recovery mode is an important mode that is very helpful to recover your smartphone from any issues or bugs. Almost all Android smartphone has this mode. For Titanium S1 Plus, you can enter recovery mode manually. It is by pressing and holding Power and Volume Up keys simultaneously when the phone is turned off. Wait for coupe seconds and the recovery menu will appear. Make sure that you have known this so I should not explain it anymore below.

Installation Guide

When you think that you have already passed the pre requisites of Lollipop zip to Titanium S1 Plus above, it means that you can go to the further steps. You must download the custom ROM zip that you can find in this page. Then, copy the files to your device through USB cable. Ensure that the smartphone is already installed on your PC. Then, save it on the memory card of your phone.  Enter the recovery mode that I have explained above. You can move the selections through volume up or down. Clear all data first before flashing the new custom ROM. Lastly, you should reboot your phone.


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