Marshmallow for Galaxy Y: Custom ROM Installation

People always think that managing Marshmallow for Galaxy Y update is always difficult and hard. It is true that there are some steps that you need to follow but it doesn’t mean that you will be dealing with the difficult process or whatsoever. As long as you can follow the steps and the procedures, everything can be done quite easily.

Marshmallow for Galaxy Y Prerequisites

Here are some things you need to know about the Marshmallow for Galaxy Y installation and the preparation process.

  • There are different ROM file packs for different devices. You need to find the ROM pack designed especially for Galaxy Y only. Although the process is basically the same, the system needs specific details that will only be applicable on the particular type and variant. So don’t try to install other ROM packs for your Galaxy Y or vice versa.
  • You need to charge your phone. At least, you should have 70% of the battery.
  • Don’t forget to backup your data because the custom ROM will definitely erase everything.
  • You should root your device first. Don’t forget to install the custom recovery before starting the procedure.


Marshmallow for Galaxy Y Process

Here are the steps of how to manage Marshmallow for Galaxy Y download and installation

  • You need to have the required zip files for the process, consisting of zip ROM files and the GAPPS (Google Apps) files. Even after you have downloaded them, check whether the zip ROM files consisting of ROM part 1 and part 2. If they are complete, you can proceed. If they aren’t complete, you should find others. Be sure that you find other files with the complete ROM parts.
  • Copy and save those files in your SD card.
  • Turn off your device and reboot it. Enter the Recovery mode.
  • Once you are in the Recovery mode, you can go to the Advanced section and erase the data, the cache, and also the Dalvik cache.
  • Once you have done those three, you need to unmount system, data, cache, and also SD card.
  • Proceed with the option ‘Install zip files from SD card’ and choose the files that you have saved before.
  • Go with the ROM zip files first and confirm installation by pressing yes. Wait for the process to complete.
  • Once it is done, continue with the GAPPS files. The process is just the same.
  • Once it completes, reboot your phone. You have successfully managed your own Marshmallow for Galaxy Y installation.

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