Marshmallow Rom File Download GT S5302 Instructions for Beginner

I have Marshmallow Rom file Download GT S5302 for those who need this newest android operating system today. Marshmallow becomes the aim for android users because this OS has no more bugs and special performance on the RAM management. Although there is a latest version of Android OS called Nougat 7.0, it does not seem as smooth as Marshmallow, which was released a year ago. In addition, Nougat is also very fresh so that there will be many bugs, which should be fixed by the developer first. Hence, I suggest you to use this Marshmallow ROM for your Samsung phone instead.

Things That Should Be Prepared

Before you start installing or flashing Marshmallow ROM file Download GT S5302, you should fulfill some pre requisites firstly. Battery is the first thing that you have to prepare. You can charge your phone first before doing the installation. Secondly, make sure that your current rom is the pre-installed firmware of android. In other words, you do not install any room yet. One of important thing is about the warranty of your phone. For your information, installing new rom will break the warranty of your GT S5302. Lastly, you should take proper backup of your personal data.

Features that You Will Receive

Of course, you will get many features from my Marshmallow Rom file download GT S5302. You can use many beautiful theme and even customizable theme. The new style is also implemented on this new Marshmallow custom ROM. The background apps are also managed smarter than previous operating system. For your information, this operating system is able to close all unnecessary apps in the background. Moreover, Google also provides better battery saver for the users up to ninety minutes. Thus, we can play our GT S5302 longer than normal or stock ROM now.


Please save my Marshmallow Rom file download GT S5302 firstly before you start this installation. Put the file in your SD card and ensure the folder name and location. Turn off the phone for couple seconds. Switch on it again by pressing Volume up, power and home button simultaneously. You will boot your phone in recovery mode. Please navigate the selection through volume up and down.  Select the zip file by choosing the option called Apply Update for SD Card.  The installation will start immediately. Then, every second in your life will be beautiful now with new Marshmallow ROM in your Samsung GTS5302. This is the end of these instructions. Have fun with the result.


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