Marshmallow ROM for Galaxy Core i8262: Managing the Update

Before you are rushing to find out the alternative ways for the Marshmallow ROM for Galaxy Core i8262, it is better to find out the solution for the update. Galaxy is made by Samsung which is one of the world-class names in the smartphone industry. It is pretty logical to expect official update for the Marshmallow, considering that the brand has a lot of flagship products to count on. That’s why you need to find out whether the official update is available for this type first.

The Official Update

Before you find out about the official upgrade for your device or do anything related to Marshmallow ROM for Galaxy Core i8262, it would be wiser to find out about your current operating system first. Go to Settings and choose About Phone. You will see numbers on the version number. If your device is already running on the Marshmallow, the number will be 6.0.1. Other than that, your device hasn’t been updated to the Marshmallow.

When you want to get the official update, you only need to access Settings, choose About Phone, and go to System Updates. When the official update is available, there should be an available download link. You can click on that and wait for the installation to complete. Once the installation completes, your device will get the improved features and performance.


Unfortunately, the official update isn’t available for all of the devices. In the event that your device doesn’t get the official update, you can always have the custom ROM, the launcher, or the rooting system. People like the launcher because it is the easiest and simplest system. With the Marshmallow ROM for Galaxy Core i8262 launcher, you can get the same experience as the Marshmallow but you don’t have to root or tweak your device.

You only need to find Marshmallow launcher from the Google Playstore. You only need to download the APK and then install it. Once you have installed it, you can enjoy the same Marshmallow experience.


Marshmallow ROM for Galaxy Core i8262 Considerations

Besides checking for your current operating system, it is always advisable that you always backup your device and important data before doing any tweak to your system.  It is always better to come prepared rather than sorry, especially when it is related to Marshmallow ROM for Galaxy Core i8262 method.


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