Marshmallow ROM for Nokia XL Updates

You can consider having the custom Marshmallow ROM for Nokia XL in the event that your phone doesn’t get the official update. With the latest news about Marshmallow availability and updates, it is pretty understandable if you want to get the same enjoyment and improved features. Unfortunately, not all the devices can get the official upgrade system – some are lucky enough to get it while the others are depending on developers to come up with the alternative solution. Of course, you should check whether your device is one of the platforms that are receiving the official update but if not, then you know the alternative solution.

Marshmallow ROM for Nokia XL and the Expectation

With the Marshmallow being rolled out for a better enjoyment and device improvement, it is pretty understandable that most people are hoping that they too will get the same perks. However, Google doesn’t want to bother to provide different tweaks and arrangements for different operating systems and platforms. Their major focus is to provide the official update for some of the major devices and platforms. In the event that other developers want to develop the new operating system, they are always welcome to try.


Marshmallow ROM for Nokia XL: The Custom ROM Solution

So, what should you do when you want to tweak your device with the custom Marshmallow ROM for Nokia XL method?

  • Make sure that you have an active internet connection, preferably through the WiFi connectivity
  • Copy the related important files to your SD card. The files should be the zip ROM files and the GAPPS. Be careful in treating the zip ROM files because there will be ROM 1 and 2 inside the files – don’t separate them.
  • Turn your smartphone off or reboot it
  • Enter the Recovery mode
  • There should be an option ‘Install zip files from SD card’ that you should pick
  • Once you do it, you should also see another option ‘Choose zip files from the SD card’
  • Find the copied GAPPS and ROM files that you have copied before
  • Afterwards, there should be a question whether you want to install it or not. Proceed with ‘yes’
  • Wait until the process completes. Then repeat the process on number 7 and 8 for the GAPPS files.
  • Again, wait until the process completes.
  • Reboot your phone again.
  • Wait until the startup screen is showing up on your phone. It may take a while so don’t worry. It may take about 5 minutes to 20 minutes.

Having a custom method may have its own risk and it definitely takes a longer time for your smartphone to achieve its new ability and condition. But if you follow the directions of Marshmallow ROM for Nokia XL, you should be fine and your phone will have the improved performance.


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