Marshmallow for S3 Neo i9300i and How to Do It

You don’t have to be technically savvy to manage the download and installation of Marshmallow for S3 Neo i9300i. The process is quite simple and easy; you don’t have to be a rocket scientist to figure things out. After all, there is always a possibility that you will get the official update, if you are lucky enough. But then, even without the official update, you can still manage things properly as long as you follow the procedures.

Marshmallow for S3 Neo i9300i Preparation

Don’t rush things when you want to update your device. It is always better to check your current operating system first. Who knows? Maybe your device has already been running on the latest Android OS. Always do the checking before you decide to do the Marshmallow for S3 Neo i9300i download and installation.

Checking the system should be easy. You only need to go to Setting and choose About Phone. You can get the information about your device there with the number version available on the screen. If you see number like 6.0.1, it means that your device is already running on the Marshmallow. But if you see numbers starting from 4 or 5, it means that it isn’t getting the Marshmallow. If you want to check whether you get the official update or not, choose System Update from About Phone option and you should get the notification.


Marshmallow for S3 Neo i9300i Installation How to

Here are some of the basic steps of how to manage the installation.

  • You need to copy and save the zip files of ROM folders and also GAPPS folders. You can keep it in your memory card.
  • Reboot your device and enter the Recovery mode. How to do so? If you are doing everything with your phone, hold Home, Volume Up, and Power at the same time while it boots. If you are using a PC and connecting your device to your PC, type it in your PC: adb reboot recovery
  • You need to do a factory reset or wipe the data. This is why you should always backup your device first.
  • Choose the option ‘Install zip from the SD card’. Go with the ROM files first followed by the GAPPS
  • Once all the processes have completed, you can reboot your device again. Wait for the startup screen to appear. When it is done, your device has an increased performance and features. Managing the Marshmallow for S3 Neo i9300i download and installation isn’t so bad, after all, is it?

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