Marshmallow for Samsung GTI8552 Updates and How to

Marshmallow for Samsung GTI8552 – You don’t have to be a rocket scientist just to be able to download and install Marshmallow for Samsung GTI8552 for your device. Your smartphone, after all, has been packed and designed for ease of use and also tweaks. As long as you know how, updating the operating system is perfectly doable and easy. There are many sources on the web that provide easy step-by-step without hassle or complication.

Functions and Use

So, what’s the fuss about the update anyway? Why should you even bother installing the Marshmallow for Samsung GTI8552 for your smartphone? Well, just like the other updates, the new Marshmallow platform is expected to improve the operation and function of the device itself. New features will be included in the updates so you should expect your device to have a more powerful boost with more features and usages. Besides a faster and more responsive features, there are other handy features that cover your security such as fingerprinting for unlocking the phone or even the sophisticated mobile pay where you can use your phone as a mean of payment. Isn’t it cool or what?



Keep an open mind that downloading and updating the Marshmallow for Samsung GTI8552 can be done in more than one way. If you consult many sources and websites, you should be able to see that different sources would offer you different types of ways or methods. Choose the one that you like or consider easier. Stick to it and follow everything to the letter.

How to

And here is one way that I feel easy and pretty straightforward to do to update the device. This ROM is valid and official so there is no need to worry that you may damage your device or violate the warranty. The flash method will be easy to follow.

  • Copy the zip packages (containing ROM part 1 and 2) to a memory card
  • Enter the Recovery Mode
  • Choose the option ‘Install zip from SD Card’
  • You should be given various lists. Choose the option ‘Choose zip from SD Card’ and then locate the ROM zip folder package
  • If there is a popup window asking for your confirmation, choose yes
  • When the process completes, repeat step one 3 to 5 with the GAPPS zip folder
  • When the installation is done, reboot your device. Wait for your startup screen to be active. Don’t worry, this process may take a while. It may even take up to 20 minutes. Your Marshmallow for Samsung GTI8552 should be ready.

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