Marshmallow For SM N900 Tutorial and Tips Before Installation

Marshmallow for SM N900 has already been available now. Samsung as the manufacturer of this device released what we were waiting for so far. The Android 6.0 operating system becomes free to download for our Galaxy Note 3. In this article, I would like to present the manual installation for all Samsung Users who have SM N900 model number on their Galaxy Note 3. But, you need to know that this method is manual one. It means that you are going to through the official methods like updating via Samsung Kies and Over-the-Air. You need to download the stock firmware and flashing the current OS with an app called Odin. Let us check how to do it.

SM N900 Announced Status

Before we install the Marshmallow for SM N900, it is important for us to show the review of N900 launching. This phone was released in 2013, which means it was two years ago and does not have Marshmallow OS yet as default. So, it is fun to download Marshmallow OS to this phone.

Things before You Perform the Installation

Just like other tutorial, installing Marshmallow for SM N900 requires some important things to do. It is necessary to make sure the installation process successful. Hence, you need to get proper backup for all personal data that you have already in your phone. A flashing activity requires at least eighty percent of battery to finish the installation. The USB driver is also important to be installed on your laptop or computer. If you do not have any idea about some recovery software, search them on Google first and install one of them on your phone. Please remember that I do not take any responsibility if your phone goes wrong. In other words, you should take this installation by your own risk.

How to Install

First of all, get the Marshmallow for SM N900 file on this website. Then, extract the file into your computer and laptop. Then, search a tool called Odin and do the same with the previous file. Once you have installed Odin on your computer, next thing to do is running it as an Administrator. Then, switch off your phone. Turn it on through Download Mode. If you do not know how to do it, just press the Volume Down, Power and Home simultaneously. Take the USB cable and connect your phone and computer. If you did it correctly, you would see the ID:COM appearing on the screen with blue background surrounding it. Then, you need to add the downloaded firmware to Odin. Just select the file. The Start button will make the process start.


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