Mega 2 Custom Rom Installing Tutorial for Everyone

Mega 2 custom Rom will be our first choice in this article. This device is not one of high-end Samsung Galaxy smartphone. For your information, custom ROM is different with official firmware. Because Android OS is an open-source program, everyone is able to customize this OS. That is why we call it custom ROM. Official firmware refers to the update that is directly provided by Android OS developer and smartphone manufacturers. Not all manufacturers provide firmware update due the phone years and specs including Samsung. There is no official firmware update for Mega 2. Otherwise, we can install custom ROM to this phone. Here are several things that you need to know about it.

Best Custom ROM

We are here suggesting you about the best Mega 2 custom Rom that you should install to this phone. The latest and newest custom ROM is CyanogenMod 13 or CM 13. This custom ROM is made and created based on the official Marshmallow firmware that has been released by Google. Although it is still on alpha test, this custom ROM is worth it to be installed. Moreover, the current OS of Mega 2 is Android OS KitKat, which is very outdated from Android 6.0 Marshmallow. This ROM was released unofficially on XDA developer forum. We also provide how to install this custom ROM to your Samsung Mega 2.


We need to check whether we are ready or not to install Mega 2 custom ROM. Some preparations are necessary to make our process faster and successful. You need to prepare your current data to a backup folder. You may not know about something wrong happening in the future, right? You can back up your personal data via Samsung KIES application. You can also use other restore tools on the Google play store as well. Secondly, it is all about the battery power. Your Mega 2 should have at least 80% of battery power due the installation process that requires high internet data connection.

How to Install CM 13 to Samsung Mega 2

Download the zip file of Mega 2 custom ROM from this link. Copy and place it on your SD card of the smartphone. USB cable will be very useful here. Make sure you can find it easily. The next step is turning off your phone. Then, press and hold volume up plus power and home buttons simultaneously. Do the factory reset when you enter recovery menu. This will make your date removed or erased. Clean other data. You will find some options at the current menu. Lastly, choose install zip from SD Card. It will relocate you to the custom ROM zip files on the SD card. Tap on this option and your phone will be rebooted for several times.


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