Micromax Bolt A82 Android 6.0 with Easy Tutorial for Beautiful Custom MOD

It is possible now for Micromax Bolt A82 Android 6.0. This is good news for you all who use this smartphone and want to get the latest operating system from Google. Yep, we will use custom ROM to do that. As we know, the newest operating system from Google is called Android 6.0 Marshmallow. There are many improvements that we got for this update such as efficient RAM performance, fingerprint identification and many more that force us to test out this OS for our Bolt A82. In this article, we will talk about those things including how to install it in the end.

Micromax Bolt A82 Specs

The current operating system of Micromax Bolt A82 is Kitkat or Android 4.4. Meanwhile, the Micromax Bolt A82 Android 6.0 can be gained through a custom Mod. With a low internal memory around 4 GB, you cannot just update the phone automatically with the latest operating system. Thus, it is such a waste if you do not use these specs for the beautiful mod below.

Important Aspects before Installing

To install and update Micromax Bolt A82 Android 6.0, we should know some important aspects that may influence and even disturb the installation process. The first aspect is the personal data. You should backup all personal data that you have on the smartphone. Then, the phone battery should be at least 80% because the process is requiring much energy. If you skip this tip, you should be more patient and hopping the process does not go wrong. Last but not least, wiping out all the data may be required because we are replacing the original ROM with the custom one so that you have to back up your data first.


To start the tutorial of Micromax Bolt A82 Android 6.0, the file should be downloaded first. If you do not how to find it, we have already prepared the link on this page. Then, connect your phone into a Wi-Fi connection or just enabling the data connection. Then, download ROM manager on the App Store. Another important app to download is Clockwork Mod recovery. Then, plug in the USB cable between the computer and your device. Copy the zip file to the internal memory card. Open the ROM manager and set the booting to recovery mode. Erase the complete data of your phone during the recovery mode and then choose Flash ROM from internal memory card. Navigate the location of the zip file and click start button. Your phone will restart for couple times and the custom ROM is ready.


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