Micromax Canvas Q355 Software Update Beginner Tutorial for Recovery Mode and Custom ROM

Micromax Canvas Q355 software update means that you as the users of this phone update or give the latest version of the Canvas Q355 operating system. For your information, operating system is important for an android device because it is the core and heart of your phone. Without Android OS, your phone won’t be able to boot. Instead, it will get boot loops endlessly. Moreover, operating system will create beautiful theme on your phone. This is a perfect time to give some modern and trendy operating system for your Micromax Canvas Q355 because this phone is pretty old now with the pre-installed OS, Android 5.0 Lollipop.

Newest Operating System

Talking about Micromax Canvas Q355 software update, we cannot be far away from the latest operating system from Google this year. It is Android OS 6.0 Marshmallow. For your information, this operating system carries plenty improvements so far. One of the notable one is the fingerprint identification. You can use your fingerprint to unlock your Q355, which means add more security of your phone. Moreover, Google also improved the RAM performance of this OS, which means that you are able to run heavy duty games now through this operating system. However, you should enter the recovery mode first before installing the latest update.

How to Enter Recovery Mode

There is an important method to install the Micromax Canvas Q355 software update. It is by entering the recovery mode on your Canvas Q335. To boot in this mode, you should turn off the phone. Then, hold and pus Volume down plus power buttons at once for five seconds. At last, your phone won’t be showing the normal booting. Instead, you will see recovery mode on the top of the screen. For another method, you are able to enter this mode through a tool that you can download on App Store. It is called ROM manager. You can set up the booting mode of your phone with this tool easier.

How to Update

Last but not least, it is time to show you how to install Micromax Canvas Q355 software update. First off, you need to download the custom ROM of Marshmallow on this page. Then, copy it on your phone. Please do not forget the path or location. Then, enter recovery mode. Choose wipe all data on the mode. Afterwards, you can install the zip package of Marshmallow custom ROM on the location or folder that you saved before. Reboot the phone and your Q355 will have the newest Android operating system.

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