Micromax D321 Software Refresh Tutorial

Micromax D321 Software refresh may solve the issue when your device feels working slower than normal as this process may remove software errors, malwares, or erase personal data. This soft reset is very similar to hard drive storage on a PC as it erases everything and returns the phone back to an early state when the phone was released for the first time. But remember that before starting this process you need to back up your personal data.

Micromax D321 Software Refresh: First Method

You can bring back your device to a functional state as long as your phone is still functional by performing these methods:

Choose Settings from the Home Screen.

Choose the Backup and Reset option in the Settings menu.

Tap the Factory data reset option.

Tap OK and the device will reboot.

Micromax D321 Software Refresh: Second Method

When the phone is unresponsive and you cannot turn it on, you can use the hardware keys. You are suggested to do this method with the battery fully charged as because if during the process the phone turns off suddenly, it may affect your device. You can do this by performing the following steps:

Shut down your device.

Push And Press the Home key + the Volume Up key + the Power button.

Your device will restart and enter the Recovery mode. Scroll up and down using the Volume buttons and choose option with the Power button.

Choose the factory reset /Wipe data option to refresh Micromax D321 Software.

Wait for the process to complete and the device will reboot.

Micromax D321 Software Refresh: Third Method

If the above method fails try these steps:

Shut down your device.

Push and hold Home button + Volume down + Power button.

There will be a menu appear with options, Fastbook, Clear Flash, Recovery, and Simlock.

Choose Clear Flash to refresh Micromax D321 Software by pressing Volume Down to scroll down and press the Power button to choose.

Wait for the device to reboot.

There will be two options menu appears and choose one operation you need.

This will reset your device to defaults settings, and then it will reboot.

Micromax D321 Software Refresh: Fourth Method

Start this method with the following steps:

Shut down the device.

Press and hold the Volume Down, and then push and let go the Power button.

There will be menu with 4 options appears.

Scroll down using volume key and then press Power button to choose Recovery option.

In the Recovery Mode menu, choose Factory Reset/Wipe Data.

Now choose Yes to confirm Micromax D321 Software refresh and erase all user data and then reboot system.


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