Nokia XL Custom Rom List And Issues

If you are looking for custom ROM for your Nokia XL, there are some options out there that come with their own pros and cons. These ROMs work great though they have errors and bugs. Here is the Nokia XL Custom Rom List to help you find the best for your phone.

Nokia XL Custom Rom List: Lewa OS

This ROM is available for Nokia X and XL. It causes issue to the Nokia X by making it stuck in bootloob and keeps restarting when you open Wi-Fi. Fortunately Lewa has provided fixes for this or you can flash with Null Kernel.  On Nokia XL, it prevents you to take screenshots but you can use any Screenshot app with root to fix this.

Nokia XL Custom Rom List: Mini S5 ROM

Installing this update may cause crash on Gallery app when editing photos, Bluetooth not stable and issue with FM radio. Fixes for Nokia X and XL has already been available.

Nokia XL Custom Rom List: CM10 jellybean 4.1.2

The only issue is FM radio is not working when installed on Nokia X. So this can be the best option in the Nokia XL Custom Rom List.

Nokia XL Custom Rom List: Mini Kitkat ROM

On Nokia X and XL, it may cause issue with SD card internal/external, proximity sensor not working, FM radio is not working, issue with Accessibility service though the fixes have already been available to download.

Nokia XL Custom Rom List: ALIYUN OS 2.7.1

Sometimes it may cause graphic glitch on stock Aliyun OS launcher. When contact is empty, it will force close. Force close may occur during opening App manager and Qrcode camera. In Settings, internal storage and SDcard does not appear. Pressing volume down+power will cause soft reboot. The ROM won’t let you mount USB mass storage. Settings won’t let you disable UI touch sound.

Nokia XL Custom Rom List: CM11 Kitkat 4.4.4

Installing this on Nokia X may add wrong colors on camera, issue with auto rotation sensor, and problem with Proximity and light sensor. Screen bug error may occur on Nokia XL. Make sure you download and install all the fixes after installing.


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