Xolo Era X Update 6.0 Marshmallow Tutorial

This guide will help you to perform Xolo Era X Update 6.0 Marshmallow 6.0 officially. The android marshmallow update can be downloaded and installed manually by users as from now on the official update has been released by Xolo. Xolo Era X is the latest smartphone from Xolo in the Era family that comes with […]
JessicaApril 18, 2018 Marshmallow

Xolo Era X Software Update: Some of the Options

There is the latest news for Xolo Era X software update to the Marshmallow. After all, the Marshmallow is now starting to roll out, being made available for many different devices. And for the Xolo Era X, the update is just about coming for the device. The company, after all, has made an official announcement […]
JessicaApril 17, 2018 Marshmallow

Xolo Era Software Update To Android Marshmallow Tutorial

This tutorial will help you to perform Xolo Era Software Update to Android Marshmallow using AutoRoot tools. It is safe and easy flashing Firmware on XOLO Era, but back up your important data first is a good precaution. Charging your battery to full is also recommended as running out battery during update may cause damage […]
JessicaApril 17, 2018 Marshmallow

Lenovo S650 Marshmallow ROM: How To Install Update

Lenovo S650 Marshmallow ROM update is available now for those who want to experience the latest Android version on older device. Download and update it yourself by following this easy guide. But make sure you know some aspects before trying out the custom ROM. Create proper backup for your important data on the device as […]
JessicaApril 16, 2018 Marshmallow

Lenovo S850 Update Marshmallow: How To Install ROM

Installing Lenovo S850 Update Marshmallow ROM to your device is a great way to enjoy the latest Android version on your older device. Not all Android devices get official Marshmallow update from Google especially older Android devices. So, if your device is one of those unsupported devices, you can try this step to make your […]
JessicaApril 16, 2018 Marshmallow

Xolo Era 4G Marshmallow ROM: The Rooting

There are two major improvements that you can do related to Xolo Era 4G Marshmallow ROM method. You can root the system or you can have the custom ROM method; it is totally up to you. Either way is possible as long as you are comfy enough with the process. Xolo Era 4G Marshmallow ROM […]
JessicaApril 15, 2018 Marshmallow

Micromax A109 Custom ROM V1 Installation Tutorial

Micromax A109 Custom ROM – This easy and safe tutorial will help you install Canvas XL2 Micromax A109 Custom ROM V1 on your device. All you need to do is making a backup of your data on the phone and fully charge your battery. Now download ROM and tools needed including Rom V1, YGDP Tool […]
JessicaApril 15, 2018 Marshmallow

Custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy E7 Installation Guide

Custom Rom For Samsung Galaxy E7 allows you to update your device if your device do not receive official update, feels slower and need performance increase. This guide will help you flash your Samsung Galaxy E7 with needed ROM files and fix errors. This Flashing method will need you to use Odin tool so make […]
JessicaApril 14, 2018 Marshmallow

Lenovo S856 Custom Rom Flash Guide

Here are step-by step guide if you wish to update your device with Lenovo S856 Custom Rom. Before your start the process make sure that you back up your data to the cloud or your computer so if there is problem with the update you can always restore the data. USB debugging is also need […]
JessicaApril 14, 2018 Marshmallow

Panasonic T31 Custom Rom Guide for All Users with Simple Ways

Panasonic T31 custom Rom is ready to download now because we have already prepared it today for you all T31 users all over the world. Custom Rom is the best way to make your phone become trendy and modern once again because the T31 is pretty old right now. This phone was released on October […]
JessicaApril 13, 2018 Marshmallow