Nokia XL Marshmallow ROM: How to Do It

It isn’t difficult to deal and manage the download and also installation of Nokia XL Marshmallow ROM method that may require an extra effort – but you don’t have to break too much sweat on it. The custom ROM system is another alternative way to experience the new Marshmallow experience in your device. So, even […]
JessicaApril 13, 2018 Marshmallow

Micromax Canvas Fire 4 Marshmallow Custom Rom with Only One Instructions

We have Micromax Canvas Fire 4 Marshmallow custom Rom solution for you who want to try out the latest operating system on your Maicromax Canvas Fire 4. For your information, Google has already released the Android OS 6.0 that becomes one of the most successful operating system in the world so far. This latest OS […]
JessicaApril 12, 2018 Marshmallow

Panasonic T45 4g New Version Update without Root and Complex Ways

The Panasonic T45 4G new version update is already available for all users of this device. Luckily, we are going to show you the tutorial about how to update the new version of this device as well. The Android 6.0 Marshmallow is just in the air. It means that all Android users are able to […]
JessicaApril 12, 2018 Marshmallow

Install And Download Marshmallow Rom For Nokia XL Tutorial

Nokia X series smartphone is the first stride taken by Nokia to get into the Android market. The good price and hardware is the reason why this series was very popular. Nokia introduced the new X platform to power this smartphone. Unfortunately, these models are no longer supported by Nokia anymore and installing a custom […]
JessicaApril 11, 2018 Marshmallow

Rom Micromax A59 Marshmallow Easy Guide plus Download

In this article, we want to show you about installing rom Micromax A59 Marshmallow briefly. The new operating system is called Marshmallow. Google has just released this new OS for all android phone users all over the world. There are many features that bring the old Android users feel sophisticated about their device. We will […]
JessicaApril 11, 2018 Marshmallow

Rom SM-G130H Marshmallow with Fastest Method that You Should Know

Choosing Rom SM-G130H Marshmallow will be very fun these days because Android users have many choices these days. One of the most modern one is CynanogenMod 13, which is made based on the original Marshmallow operating system. Unfortunately, Samsung does not seem want to support this device anymore for some reasons. They have more concerns […]
JessicaApril 10, 2018 Marshmallow

Micromax Bolt A82 Android 6.0 with Easy Tutorial for Beautiful Custom MOD

It is possible now for Micromax Bolt A82 Android 6.0. This is good news for you all who use this smartphone and want to get the latest operating system from Google. Yep, we will use custom ROM to do that. As we know, the newest operating system from Google is called Android 6.0 Marshmallow. There […]
JessicaApril 10, 2018 Marshmallow

Micromax A091 Marshmallow Update and How to Install It Easily

Micromax A091 Marshmallow update becomes true now for you. The developers and many communities are trying to make the very similar operating system like what Google did out there. As a result, there are many custom ROMs that are made based on Marshmallow OS these days. We have picked one of the best in this […]
JessicaApril 9, 2018 Marshmallow

Mega 2 Custom Rom Installing Tutorial for Everyone

Mega 2 custom Rom will be our first choice in this article. This device is not one of high-end Samsung Galaxy smartphone. For your information, custom ROM is different with official firmware. Because Android OS is an open-source program, everyone is able to customize this OS. That is why we call it custom ROM. Official […]
JessicaApril 9, 2018 Marshmallow

S5360 Marshmallow Rom Simple Instructions for Beginner Android Users

To upgrade S5360 Marshmallow ROM, you have to follow our instructions in this article. As we know, the best way to update or upgrade your S5360 is by updating the operating system through custom ROM. As a result, your phone looks beautiful with new theme and appearance. Although this phone is old, the new OS […]
JessicaApril 8, 2018 Marshmallow